DETACHMENT EPSILON is a detachment of NAVSPEWARGROUPFIVE, which is itself part of NAVSPECWARCOM, the UNSC Navy Special Warfare Command under Admiral Vajat Priadhyan. Group Five is highly classified, and is officially listed as a “Development Group” employing military and civilian scientists and other personnel to develop and test new methods, tactics, and strategies in line with UEG policy. Its sub-groups are listed only as “Detachments”, which no other information regarding assets, goals, or ongoing projects.

In reality DETACHMENT EPSILON consists of the latest generation of SPARTAN supersoldiers, the first to be created since the reinstatement of the program in 2557, and assets and personnel intended to support them.

DETACHMENT EPSILON’s mission is to undetake high-priority, high-risk missions in order to apply overwhelming force against targets crucial to enemy capabilities.


13th Aerospace Squadron “The Black Cats”

ONI Signals Exploitation

Jiron-Class Cruisers


YELLOW TEAM Porcelain_Llama_Theater